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  • Q: Do you supply a cable trailer?

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    A: Yes, free of charge.

  • Q: Will you take cable back if I do not use it all?

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    A: Yes, pay for what you use.

  • Q: Are the products you supply of a high quality, if so what brands do you stock?

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    A: Yes, we stand behind our products. We stock Prysmian, Olex and General Cable.

  • Q: Do you deliver?

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    A: Yes, all you need to do is give us a call to organise what you need, the date and time that the product is required, your contact phone number and delivery address.

  • Q: Do you have experts to talk to for advice on the right products?

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    A: Yes, simply call to speak with our friendly team.

  • Q: Do you supply a warranty on the cables?

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    A: Yes.

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